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About Hilary
Hilary Shaw MS MA RD LPC is a Registered Dietitian (LDN #1340) and a Licensed Professional Counselor (# 4203).   

Hilary holds her BS in Exercise Physiology, an MS in Nutrition and is a Licensed/Registered Dietitian. She has been in practice since 1999, specializing in wellness, sports nutrition, disordered eating and body image. In 2005 Hilary completed her Master of Arts in Community Counseling and is now working in private practice as a Licensed Professional Counselor.

Hilary's background as both a dietitian and a counselor make her a sought out speaker and guide in helping individuals make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. As a nutritionist, she will help you normalize your relationship with food, so that food and eating become a ‘non issue’ in your day to day life. As a counselor, Hilary works with you from a depth perspective to help you get to the bottom of what drives you to eat and to resolve what issues are left unresolved. Her mission is helping you reconnect with food and body, so that you can get closer to living a life full of meaning and purpose.  

Along with teaching nutrition and counseling courses at Louisiana State University, she has guest lectured at local high schools and universities including Southeastern Louisiana University, St. Joseph’s Academy, and Episcopal High School. Hilary has written for several local publications including The Advocate, BR Parents Magazine, Gris Gris Rouge, and South Baton Rouge Journal. An engaging speaker and writer, Hilary’s passion is promoting a positive relationship with food and body as a key component to a happy and healthy life.
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