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    Counseling for Anxiety


    You struggle to fall asleep or don’t feel rested in the morning.

    You have trouble concentrating and focusing at work or at school.

    You can’t sit still and relax, and always need to be “doing something.”

    You’re more irritable or cranky than usual, and snap at people you love.

    You can’t seem to calm your mind and it feels like you struggle to turn your worry off.

    You’ve recently experienced a time when you felt overcome with panic or anxiety.

    If you relate to some of these things, you might be struggling with anxiety.

    Anxiety can make you feel like things are about to spiral out of control at the drop of a hat. You feel overwhelmed, powerless, and on edge all the time. Anxiety leaves you feeling struggling to make decisions, be productive, concentrate on tasks, or relax after a long day of work. Anxiety can also take a toll on your relationships and make you less patient, less understanding, and more irritable than normal.

    Anxiety is rooted in an unrealistic fear that makes us worry that the things that are important to us will fall apart. Our fears exist to cue us into the feeling that something doesn’t feel right. However, anxiety does more than that – it turns our fear into worries that you can’t control and can even morph the worry into panic. Anxiety can feel like a flood of thoughts and feeling, or like something bad is always looming in the background. It can make life harder than it needs to be, and I  am here to help you learn to cope with it.

    What would your life be like without anxiety?

    Counseling can be life changing for people struggling with anxiety. Whether you’ve struggled with it for your entire life or it’s something that’s recently developed due to stressful circumstances, counseling can help you learn to cope. I can help you find the calm within the chaos to lead a calmer, happier, and more fulfilling life.