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    Nutrition Counseling

    I am a Registered  Dietitian working to help individualsimprove their relationship with food and body. After years of being on diets, I help individuals find ways to listen to their body and to their hunger and fullness cues.  I work to help people find their authentic health – because it will never look identical to anyone else.

    Health is so much more about what you eat, how much you eat and how much you move. Health has a physical component of course, but it also encompasses aspects like mental, emotional, social and quality of life.

    Are you wanting to support your health, stop stressing or thinking about food all the time, stop dieting and have improved body image and self-esteem? My combination of expertise as both a dietitian and a licensed counselor can help you break free from the struggles with food and weight and get to the bottom of what drives you to eat once and for all.