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    Therapy for Depression


    You aren’t enjoying some of the things you used to love anymore.

    You have a difficult time finding the motivation to start or finish tasks.

    You sleep more than usual and have a hard time getting out of bed.

    You don’t want to spend time with your friends and are avoiding the people you love.

    You are more emotional than usual and often find yourself crying or angry for no reason.

    Your appetite has changed and you’re eating a lot more – or a lot less – than usual.

    If you relate to some of these things, you might be struggling with depression.

    Depression changes you. It leaves you feeling numb and makes it hard to remember a time when you had energy and didn’t feel fatigued and apathetic towards things you love doing. It causes you to avoid spending time with friends and hide how you feel from your family because you don’t want to be a burden or let them down. When you’re depressed, you feel like you have failed and are unworthy of love and connection.

    Depression can make life seem overwhelming and leave you struggling more than normal. It’s also hard to deal with because it can be caused by a variety of things… it can be situational and related to something that’s happening in your life right now. Or, it can be connected to a trauma or something that happened in your life a while ago. Or, it can be hereditary and run in your family. It can even be some combination of all of those causes.

    Life is not meant to be lived this way – therapy can help you learn how to overcome your depression and start enjoying your life again.