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    Binge Eating/Overeating

    You may be experiencing: 

      • An overwhelming urge to eat large quantities of food
      • Low mood
      • Racing thoughts
      • Guilt or shame
      • Secretive behaviors
      • Anxiety
      • Fatigue

    You Are Not Alone

    People who are currently overweight, underweight, or at a healthy weight may struggle with binge eating. Binge eating is not the same as moderate overeating and it is not about enjoying food; it’s about using food as a way to feel better.

    Most people who experience binge eating feel out of control. They typically don’t feel as if they are choosing to binge; they feel almost hijacked, as if they are driven to eat large amounts of food at times.

    Often, after a binge, people feel guilt, shame, and a low mood.

    Binge Eating Is A Changeable Habit

    Although many people struggle with out of control eating, binge eating is very changeable. You do not need to “cope” with, or “manage” binge eating long-term. No matter how long or how often you’ve been binge eating, there is hope for complete freedom.

    Binge eating is not about food; it’s about a few misunderstandings about how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors truly work. Freedom comes from the inside-out, from seeing yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and your eating in a brand new way.